We are a Café and Music Venue but you might not know that we are, first and foremost, a project for young people.

That means over the last 8 years we’ve worked with 800 young people, delivering employability skills, training and youth work in a variety of forms, activities and programs.  And, with over 60% of our volunteers having gone on to find gainful employment, we know it works.

So, we’re proud to have again received a National Lottery award from The National Lottery Community Fund to deliver our Volunteer Program. To all those dreaming of winning millions on a Saturday night, thank you for playing the National Lottery – it makes amazing things happen.

It’s a New Year and a new, evolved project and that means we are now recruiting volunteers. We believe in volunteering because we’ve seen first-hand that it can change lives, opening up new possibilities.

If you’re a young person aged 16-25 then you may be interested in signing up. You may be struggling to find work, to gain experience, struggling with your confidence or any sort of issue, feeling isolated or you might just be a little bored. We’ll work with any young person and believe that any can benefit from this program.

So let’s tell you a bit about it…

The program is twelve weeks long. You’ll be a part of a team of fifteen young people, supported by our team of trained and experienced Youth Workers.

The first 8 weeks of the program focus on team building, us getting to know you and your situation, and skills-based training. You will be volunteering in the Café, working as a team to deliver our everyday activities and range of community and cultural events. You will be supported to develop your CV, interview and application skills and work through a program of personal development.

In the final 4 weeks of the program your volunteer team will take on the devolved running of the Café. You’ll be planning and delivering events, establishing leadership positions, marketing, ordering – anything that’s involved with running a business.

That may sound interesting – but maybe you don’t plan on working in a Café – well we don’t just train people for that. Not only does our Cafe cover a range of different environments – from bar, to club, to venue and regular Café – but all our activities focus on transferrable skills – ones that can help you get a job in any field. We’re interested in developing your communication, your team work, your confidence, your initiative and your business and customer awareness.

And one last thing – this is Café Indie – it’s not going to be boring. Having fun while we work is essential.

So if you’re interested, signing up couldn’t be easier, just drop an email to with your name and age, and we’ll be straight back in touch.

Let’s work together to make things better.

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