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New Music Project

As you hopefully all know Café Indie is a Café, Music Venue, and a project for young people. We’re always trying to find ways for

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Our Youth Drop-In

One of our most essential and yet challenging projects has been our work with younger age children – providing a daily access point and support

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Our Volunteers

In the last year we worked with 53 volunteers. Our volunteers are the reason the Café exists. They’re not here for us, we are here

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We’ve such a fun smorgasbord of people and groups that use the café. Over the last year there was over 200 events with a socially

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Music and Gigs

Being a music venue is pretty tough. Up and down the country there’s a trend of these places closing, struggling to survive. Our town isn’t

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Come see us

  • 169 - 173 High Street
    North Lincs

Our opening times

  • Monday 10am - 4pm Friday 10am - 4pm
    Tuesday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 4pm
    Wednesday 10am - 4pm Sunday Closed
    Thursday 10am - 4pm

    Hours subject to change on evenings with events or gigs.

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