Café Indie Cooperative

We'd love to have you onboard​

Café Indie is a Co-Op that gives young people work experience, training and youth work support.
For a small annual fee you can join the Co-Op and have a say in how we run the project and support the work we do. You also get some discounts in the the café.

If you've recently joined the Co-Op or just want a little extra info before you make a decision please click the button below and take a look at our 2020 Members Booklet. Any additional queries can be sent to .

Come see us

  • 169 - 173 High Street
    North Lincs

Our opening times

  • Monday 10am - 4pm Friday 10am - 4pm
    Tuesday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 4pm
    Wednesday 10am - 4pm Sunday Closed
    Thursday 10am - 4pm

    Hours subject to change on evenings with events or gigs.

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