Here’s something we’ve been cooking up for a while

Cafe INDIEpendent and the Breakthrough Programme bring you a series of three FREE gigs, featuring the best up and coming talent from across the region.

This one involves some of our favourite things – live original music, young people, FREEness and us working with our best buds over at Higher Rhythm. So here’s a little bit more info….

10th August
Joe Russell-BrownLet Man Loose– ROSH

29th September
FINNOElle Call– No Fixed IDentity

24th November
The Last HeartsHomesteadsFloodHounds

If that’s enough detail for you then jump right over to the event page to find out more about the bands, they’ll be posting all over it…

Or stick with us for a bit more info…

Breakthrough is a new music artist development programme for developing and emerging music artists from across Yorkshire and the Humber. And they’re bloody good at it, the quality is high. And we do a bit of that too, so we knocked our heads together and came up with this awesome run of new and up and coming bands.

Breakthrough have been working with and developing the supports, we’ve chosen some of Scunny’s finest to headline. We’ll be recording the gigs and putting out live EPs. And oh, one last thing, we decided to make the gigs entirely FREE!

That was a big decision for us. We believe live music should have a financial value, and that in the grand scheme of things paying out a little for original live entertainment shouldn’t be a biggie. That ticket price is often the bands pay cheque, and they work bloody hard to pour their hearts and souls out to you.

However, times are a bit tight, eh? Sometimes we need a little incentive to take a risk and check out new music, so that next time you won’t mind that tiny ticket price. So we’ve made all three gigs completely FREE – to make sure as many of you as possible get down and get exposed to your new favourite band.

Let’s show the region’s finest bands the region’s finest crowd. Scunny, this one is a gift.

—Breakthrough will help some of the region’s most promising original music artists to grow their music, by providing free expert support which includes recording, live showcases, music releases, master-classes, radio sessions and professional mentoring.

The project is funded by Help Musicians UK as part of their National Grants Programme with part match funding through Arts Council England—