We’re Coming Back

It’s been a long old stretch when your project is people.

It’s been hard for everyone, we’ve heard the stories of lots, but everyone has their own reality that they had to face when life got stripped back to its barest bones. And now is the time to build it back up again, take the good bits from before, to learn from lockdown what you want to make better and start making changes. Well, that’s been our personal approach to the Café…

We’ve always been a Youth Work project and a Café. No one else really does that the way we do it and there’s reasons for that. When we look back, we can admit we’ve been stretched. And we want to do things better, be better. Be better Youth Workers, delivering sessions, taking the time, able to place our young peoples’ needs first. But we also want to be a better Café, train the young people better, deliver better standards, improve the offer. And we think we’re moving forward in the best way.

So Monday to Wednesday we’re going to be concentrating on Youth Work. We’re still running our Volunteering Program and will be working with the team but also, we’ll be delivering for children aged 13-18 and putting a real emphasis on music as a means to engage – from those just starting out to talent development.

But, we know that many groups use the Café space early in the week and we welcome that – we know we’re a resource for our community. Any group can still organise to visit the Café during these days – just get in touch with David. 

And then Thursday – Sunday is all about our customers. We’ll be open 10am-10pm, with food served between 12-3 and 5-8. We’ve spent the time away focussed on how to make our offer better. The kind of place you want to tell your friends about. So you’ll notice a few differences – the frontage, the menu, the quality, oh and the chuffing airstream caravan….

So we’re coming back, bigger and better. The final piece of the puzzle is you lovely lot and we can’t wait to see you.

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