New Music Project

As you hopefully all know Café Indie is a Café, Music Venue, and a project for young people. We’re always trying to find ways for our commercial and cultural activity at the Café to bring greater benefit to the young people of our community. As our national profile on the Grassroots Music Venue scene has grown, so has our capacity and skills to develop young people in the Music Industries. And because it’s so hard to make it as an artist in this day and age, we’ve developed and launched a new project on the 1st of December to address that. This project is being funded by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund, thanks to funding from players of the Postcode Lottery.

We’re commissioning ten young people (aged 18-25), giving them grants of £1000, to produce industry-standard content in their current specialism of the music industries. They could be performers, engineers, promoters, music tutors, photographers – any of the myriad creative specialisms that are at play in the Music Industries.  

They’ll access support to make it happen. A dedicated Project Support Worker is on hand – a young, local musician and youth worker. They’ll have the support of two young freelancers, both working in the music industry. There’s a budget to cover any access costs too.  

But, there’s a catch…

They have to work through a programme of workshops, training, and industry experience in the full portfolio of the other music industries that AREN’T their current specialism. Not only will this open up potential career options, but provide a broader understanding and appreciation, building a stronger foundation from which to forge a career.

The young people will also be supported to develop a collective, offering service to the Music Industries. Together the group can offer the sum of their skills rather than trying to tackle the industry as an individual. They will collaborate, learn from each other and build resilience. They will gain a track record, industry experience and the skills to generate income and source funding. 

Anyone wishing to apply will be asked to submit a short application form, a bio and an example of their work. For those genres where this might be tricky (for eg. Promotion, special arrangements will be made). Anyone wanting to find out more information can contact

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