Update on the Café

The Café is more full of life and laughter than ever before. We’re busier than ever and there’s always lots of little kids playing and a nice buzz about the place. We invested in the children’s area, but keeping the spirit of imagination and freedom that makes little ones enjoy the café so much. Our Café Manager Rachael has done a grand job in a much more challenging environment than you might realise. She keeps the volunteers active and engaged and fully represents our values on customer service. We tweaked the menu, keeping the old favourites but expanding the vegan range (most of which you wouldn’t even believe to be vegan). We tried our best to keep it affordable, recognising that what goes for £12 in any city nearby, just doesn’t reflect our ethos or our customers’ needs.

This year we want to keep on developing. We’ve always wanted to be the kind of place where you spend your money because it’s worth it – because the standard of food, drink and service is high. And then we can hit you with the soft and fluffy stuff that we actually exist for afterwards. Getting that balance right is pretty much a daily tightrope, but we think we’ve got it about right lately, and are committed to keep on developing. We’re not going all corporate but you can expect us to stay on top of seasonal trends this year and a wider range of activities for all ages.

This Café became much bigger than we expected, and matters more to many than we would ever have hoped. We’re extremely grateful for that, and will continue to try and enhance your experience, because you’re the people that make everything else we do possible.

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